Technology Solutions

VAS Mobitech’s Technology solutions are designed to generate revenue and assist operators & enterprises to stay ahead in competition.

Rapid evolution in Technology is leading to unprecedented growth in revenue generating opportunities for telcos and enterprises. Growth in the number of smartphone users, mobile applications and constant network migration emphasis the need of better technology solutions.

VAS Mobitech’s Technology has deep domain knowledge and technical insight to deliver valuable and revenue driven solutions to its customers. By integrating our mobile technology solutions in their infrastructure, the customers can increase their operational efficiencies and increase the revenue per user. Spice Digital provides high end service offerings to customers to improve their overall productivity.

Some of the offerings are as follows:

Single IVR Platform – Platform for vendors/CPs for hosting their IVR applications. It provides 360 degree support from hosting of IVR service to subscriber management, content management and promotion of services hosted.

Call Management Suite – Single access platform to access and manage multiple call

USSD – Discover our USSD platforms to open up new revenue streams

REV+ – An Integrated Mobile Communication tool to enhance ARPU

Smart Voice Logger – Call recording solution

Know Your Call – Discover the solution which identifies and displays the name of the caller

MO Content Delivery

Talktime Commerce Platform

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