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Caller Ring Back Tones

In the race to capture share of mobile user’s hearts and wallets, operators have deployed mobile music solutions and enjoyed significant success. Among the varied portfolio of mobile music offerings, ring back tones have achieved a great application status with mobile subscribers in many markets worldwide.With ring back tones, subscribers replace the ring tone that callers normally hear with a personal choice of music or audio content- bringing a more enjoyable calling experience to their callers.

CRBT service is more than an application; it is an end-to-end solution. By providing service management with every deployment of RBT, Vas Mobitech enables operators to achieve a rapid return on investment as well as benefit from its extensive experience of running CRBT services across rapidly growing markets globally.

Key Features:

1. Caller/ Group based RBT: Different callers are played different ring  back tones.
2. Special Condition RBT: The RBT is set depending on the day.
3. Roaming Tone RBT: Set a roaming tone to be played when out of the network.
4. Occasions-based Greetings RBT Set a special RBT on a special occasion.
5. Ring Back Tone/ Reverse Ring Back Tone: RBT is a special feature      through which the calling party can hear a song or music instead of the default “tring tring” tone. RBT serves as a mechanism for the subscribers to make a statement about their personality, mood, character or nature by playing a suitable music or sound. For this service, the operators have the flexibility to offer personalized ring back services to all types of subscribers (i.e., post-paid or prepaid, fixed or mobile). Reverse RBT or Pretones would allow users to listen to content while calling B-Party, instead of its RRBT or “tring tring” tone. Subscribers can enjoy listening to attractive content of their choice when they make a voice call. Both RRBT and RRBT can co-exist for a subscriber.

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