Top 5 Myths about Transactional SMS Gateway

Top 5 Myths about Transactional SMS Gateway

With the evolving technology, the communication platforms like mobile, SMS, voice, and data have also largely been touched by the evolution. In the competitive telecom market, it is very important to keep on innovating with the latest technology, solutions and applications to offer enhanced services. SMS solution is one of the prominent communication platforms in the market utilized by all types of enterprises and business to promote and communicate with their customers. Some use it for promotion while some use it for alerting or notifying their customers.

Majorly there are two types SMS gateways in the market which is used for different purposes. SMS gateways used for promoting, advertising or promoting solutions and services are known as Bulk SMS gateways. Similarly, SMS gateways which are used for alerting, notifying, generating OTP or informing customers about specific events, are known as Transactional SMS Gateways. There are many benefits of using transactional SMS gateway. But there are also certain myths in the market regarding transactional SMS gateways. In order to remove the clouds of confusion, we have listed the top 5 myths of transactional SMS gateways.

Transactional SMS come with template based messaging format by which SMS providers have the flexibility to create the template of their choice and as per the business requirements. There is no limit to create the template so you can ‘n’ number of templates as per choice.

It is a fact that transactional SMS gateway allows you to send SMS to even DND numbers. People considering it as an option to load promotional messages to such numbers can penalised. As per the rules and regulations defined by the government bodies, non-promotional and transactional messages can be sent anytime 24×7, but promotional messages can be sent only during 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

The common notion among the people is that transactional SMS cannot be used for large amount of urgent SMS. This is a myth and in fact you can use transaction SMS gateways to set the frequency and volume to send focused messages to right audience.

Most of the bulk SMS service providers, SMS resellers, and SMS wholesalers feel that the transactional SMS cannot be customized as per their business requirements. Whether you are already using any SMS gateway or planning to deploy, you can check out Vas mobitech Transactional SMS Gateway which offers customized features as per your business needs.

For those who feel that transactional SMS gateway have lack of reporting they need to understand these types of gateways are majorly used by Banking and Finance segments. The BFSI segments which provide daily updates and alerts about finance need highest level of accuracy and real time reporting to keep its customers based updated about the fluctuation in the market. Sending urgent notification using transaction is common trend in the market across the globe.

Major Challenges Faced By Bulk SMS Service Resellers across the Globe

Major Challenges Faced By Bulk SMS Service Resellers across the Globe

With the increasing smart devices and applications, the use of SMS services has also increased drastically. Even for authenticating the users, almost all the smart applications are using SMS platform. In addition, enterprise segment like hospitality, BFSI, client support and services, e-commerce industry and many more use SMS platform to get high response rate.

SMS industry is a very lucrative and competitive business which majorly relies on the quality, quantity and delivery speed of any message. SMS resellers Or white label SMS resellers running their businesses locally or globally, there are several challenges faced by them.
Some of the challenges are:
Complex Telecom Infrastructure

The traditional telecom infrastructure is not designed to cater large volume of business-to-person messaging considering the speed and volume in which it is increasing. Traditionally resellers have to liaise with several middlemen before getting access to the SMS aggregators, wholesaler or operators. Due to the gap between the resellers and telecom operators, the costs of SMS packages are high in the market. Because operators do not rely directly on resellers, they are also forced to go through several SMS middleware like SMPP SMS Gateway Server with SMS Routing function to distributing their messages.
Compliance to Local Rules and Regulation

Each and every country has its own set of telecom rules and regulations. If you are running or plan to run global bulk SMS business then one needs to understand that compliance of regulations and guidelines is very necessary. In addition to the rules and regulations, country wise telecom operators have different infrastructure which needs to be integrated with your Bulk SMS Gateway server and SMS billing OSS solution. Keeping up with the best practices and using best SMS gateway software product will help you to enhance your reach.
Hoping network for receiving SMS

When any SMS is sent from one operator network to another, the journey includes several twists and turns before reaching its destinations. If the SMS route network is busy or congested then it has to take another SMS route and travel from different SMS route to reach the destination on time. At times there are delay and/or cancellation also due to busy routes. In such case, it becomes very important that the right platform with the feature of dynamic routing is used so that clients can get faster SMS delivery services.
Increasing Cost of Bulk SMS Packages

Because resellers do not get direct access to the SMS, Aggregators and wholesalers have to invest in the large infrastructure to run volume of SMS business, most of the bulk SMS packages are costly. Ultimately, enterprises and resellers end up paying high amount for each SMS. In such case, resellers loose lot of business on the basis of competitive pricing.

If resellers get the right platform like Vas mobitech SMS gateway, then they can directly connect with telecom operators through latest telecom protocol like SMPP, HTTP/HTTPS, SS7/SIGTRAN and offer high volume with the support of high TPS SMS services by using dynamic routing. They can directly connect with enterprise customers as well as run wholesaler business. Bulk SMS resellers can increase their profit and get best ROI, retain and increase end customers and add maximum volume of SMS with faster delivery time.

For more information on Vas mobitech SMS Gateway, please click here. If you are facing any kind of challenges then please get in touch with us, we would love to hear and assist you in enhancing your business with the right messaging suite platform.