How to Start Your Own Bulk SMS Aggregator Business for SMS marketing services?

How to Start Your Own Bulk SMS Aggregator Business for SMS marketing services?

Although the bulk SMS marketing services have become one of the essential and important platform for enterprises to promote their products and services, SMS aggregators on the other hand, especially new ventures are unable to track the way to establish their business. There are no set guidelines in the business as the Bulk SMS industry is pretty lucrative market, and right from the college students to large SMS aggregators and SMS reseller businesses are part of the same journey.

Generally SMS resellers and aggregators work through SMS application based access through which they purchase bulk SMS plans and send their customers messages. However, there is another best option like deploying your own SMS gateway and organizing your own network of clients and SMS resellers.

So if you see, there are multiple layers in which the SMS industry is divided into. Moreover, there can be multiple SMS resellers under SMS aggregators. In such scenario, if you are looking for making faster progress and best possible revenue then using personalized SMS gateway solution is the best option. Using an application based platform ultimately leads you to reduce the amount of revenue and invest a lot on the SMS plans. Due to high cost of SMS plans, you are not able to offer much discounts to your customers which can result into loss of the customer.
Vas mobitech SMS Gateway Software enables fast and reliable message delivery for service providers/aggregators over standard messaging channels for A2P and P2P traffic. A cost effective and easy to use interface for all operations, routing rules, live traffic monitoring dashboard with exhaustive traffic analysis.

The platform has been designed based on service oriented approach where any new service and business can be implemented quickly and new revenue streams are enabled. Vas mobitech enterprise grade platform is robust and scalable to integrate with complete stack of communication protocols for SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR and e-mail over HTTP, HTTPs, XML, SMTP, SMPP, SIP, SS7, SIGTRAN, SSL, RTP interfaces.

How Vas mobitech Enables SMS Aggregators To Overcome The Challenges?

How Vas mobitech Enables SMS Aggregators To Overcome The Challenges?

With the increasing popularity of SMS market, it has become a legitimate platform of advertisement and marketing. Almost all the industries including shopping, entertainment, healthcare, hospitality, etc. use bulk SMS services to connect and promote their business and services. As per a market research website, around 8.3 trillion messages were sent in 2015 across the globe. This means almost 23 billion messages every day. So, you can imagine the size of SMS market across the globe.

In spite of the lucrative market, SMS aggregators and SMS resellers across the globe are struggling hard to provide premium services at cheaper rates due to unavailable of the right platform. For those who are new to the industry or unaware of who are SMS aggregators, this is brief introduction. When the traditional telecom network was designed, it was not designed for millions and billions of SMS messages travelling from all over the globe. The pace in which SMS industry grew and matured, telecom infrastructure did not cope up with the same. So, it lead to the initiation of new business segment, i.e. SMS aggregators.

SMS aggregators play the crucial role of providing connectivity between cell phone carriers by offering SMS gateway platform by which SMS messages can be sent and received. Almost all the SMS aggregators also offer premium SMS services by which marketers and enterprise business customers can leverage the SMS platform to promote their businesses. However, even in 2016, the platform used by most of the SMS aggregators is not up to the mark and results in high cost services. Premium services of SMS are majorly evaluated based on the faster delivery time and the volume of SMSs.

As SMS aggregators are largely dispersed in the market, so very few companies have focused in developing dedicated solutions that can provide all the required features and functionalities needed for SMS wholesalers, SMS resellers, and SMS aggregators. Being in this industry for a while, we at Vas mobitech have observed the pain and challenges that SMS aggregators are going through. Some of the major challenges that Vas mobitech platform helps you overcome are:

In most of the cases, we have observed that SMS Aggregators using third party SMS gateway or open source SMS gateway are unable to get proper technical support when network experienced downtime. Vas mobitech is a dedicated solution, specially developed for the SMS industry and we have been working with several national and international clients across the globe since last decade. We have dedicated team of 24/7 customer support team to readily provide you support for any kind of technical query regarding Vas mobitech solutions.

With the evolution of technology, the process of messaging, applications, systems, features and functionalities are also constantly upgrading. The major problem with in-house systems, open-source or any kind of low cost SMS systems is that clients do not get timely upgrade when needed. Timely upgrade offers latest features, functionalities, system optimization, latest reports, etc. Whereas Vas mobitech has strong team of developers who are working continuously on the product, making it rich with advanced features and functionalities. Working with international customers has helped us to maintain the solution to match international standard.

Most of the SMS gateway systems in the market provide you the facility to route, control or map the SMS traffic. But the major problem is that not all solutions provide the facility of billing, invoicing and live to monitor of traffic. With the help of billing functionalities, SMS aggregators have the facility to create different rate card for different region or zones as per their business requirements. The system is smart enough to create the invoice as per the specified rate cards. Minimal manual interventions results in reduced headache and excel work.

Being a business ourselves, we very well understand that reporting and analysis is the essential process for any business. Based on the same concept, Vas mobitech has highly focused in providing high network analysis and business analysis reports which help in taking actionable decisions for your business.

In order to help SMS Aggregators overcome the SMS industry challenges, we have identified, designed and developed our solution accordingly. Our Vas mobitech Messaging Suite of software solution offers comprehensive platform for SMS Router, SMS Controller, SMS Gateway and SMS Hub.

Why Choose Bulk SMS Service When You Can Become A SMS Market Leader Choosing Independent SMS Gateway?

Why Choose Bulk SMS Service When You Can Become A SMS Market Leader Choosing Independent SMS Gateway?

Before moving to the point on how bulk SMS service providers can move to next level of business, we would like to just show a glimpse of highlight on how SMS market is growing rapidly. We would like remove the cloud of misconception in that market that after mobile app based messaging solutions, the life of SMS is limited and it is no more in use. However, as per research and experience we have identified that SMS still tops the chart because:

It is supported by all types of mobile devices
Even without the requirement of internet services
Because it is not dependent on internet, it has faster delivery
It is a fastest and secured medium with subscriber medium number
Even the mobile apps required SMS service for authenticating customer device
Internet based social media websites, mobile apps and IM tools need SMS services too
Compared to email services also the open rate of SMS is much higher upto 98%

So based on all these points we are sure that you can understand that the demand for bulk SMS service has not reduced but increased with the evolving technology.

Current Scenario & Future Roadmap of Mobile VAS Ecosystem

Current Scenario & Future Roadmap of Mobile VAS Ecosystem

In today’s economy, telecom industry is going through significant changes. All the players in the Mobile VAS ecosystem are responding to rapidly changing customer needs differently with their own business and technology strategies.

Important changes in Mobile VAS ecosystem incorporate:

Network technology moving towards higher bandwidth
Increasing basic operating costs
Advances in internet & mobile computing
Need of application developers with technology demands

Problems faced by Application Service & Content Providers:

Increasing software, hardware & licensing cost to use M2M application framework
Cost of blocks in order to build and go live with newer services & applications
High support cost for BSS/OSS functions for applications and services
High cost of engagement with Telecom operators and delivery channel providers

Conventional thinking of Telecom Operators need to be challenged:

Rethinking everything from how you design, build and operate services is required. So, how can you understand and adapt to meet the above changes in such a speedily evolving digital world? The need of the day is to enable an product strategy which can introduce an effective service delivery platform that can facilitate M2M applications and services. The product strategy for entire ecosystem should incorporate:

Faster concept -to-market time
Lower capital expenses
Reduce operational expenses
Support all players in the ecosystem

Future Roadmap need to be followed:

Create new strategies to drive up more competitive MVAS offerings
Create a sustainable VAS portfolio with a business package to manage competition
Launch innovative offerings with sensible pricing strategy to attract end users
Deliver more value with your services to create better customer experience
Go for new tools that can deliver more value on content
To increase VAS usage and its penetration focus on regional content
Bring forth both end user awareness and business benefits of VAS offerings

How We Can Help You:

Messaging Suite: With unified platform to deploy multiple messaging services across multiple channels, our messaging suite enables the service providers to quickly roll out new services.

Platform Deployment: Telcos can deploy our Messaging suite to divert A2P messaging traffic. This will reduce load on their current SMSC infrastructures as well as help them manage the messaging bursts and still maintain the quality of service.

SMS Hubbing & Aggregation: The service providers can attain the desired scalability, with flexibility to integrate with SMS/MMS/USSD connections over standard protocols without any customization.

Business Solutions: Enable enterprises to stay informed, connected and automate their processes. These business solutions integrate with enterprise ecosystem using standard & secure protocols SMPP, HTTP, HTTPs, XML, SOAP API, SSL over SMS, MMS, USSD and IVR messaging channels.

Infotainment: Infotainment via Text and video based SMS, MMS, IVR channels can be delivered using our VAS delivery platform. The content service providers can launch various services like News, live feeds, sports information, religious info, educational messages etc. using our platform.

About Us
Vas mobitech Pvt. Ltd. offers VAS delivery solutions built on robust and advanced technology platform named Vas mobitech for variety of messaging solutions. Vas mobitech enables service providers at each node in value chain to tap opportunity to generate revenue streams, secure the channel and scale with new services. The solutions are created to build bridges across complete MVAS messaging technologies like SMS, MMS, USSD, IVR service over voice and flourishing OTT players like VOD, Music on demand over data services and business value chain at each component. It caters to companies who want to provide Value Added Services like Bulk SMS, Email, Missed Call Alert, Quiz Contest.

Vas mobitech platform enhances operations with easy to use interface including subscriber management, service management, product catalogue management, dynamic routing, readily available reports, real-time dashboard and notifications.