Background Music

In Mobile technology, BGM is a value addition to mobile peer-to-peer calling wherein the subscriber is allowed to create his own ambience during a call by playing music in the background. The caller can choose his music from a variety of sounds provided. The prepaid as well as the post-paid base can be targeted for this service.

Technically, it is a conference service, which involves the calling party, called party and the music playing entity who is responsible for playing back music during the conversation. This solution is different from the CRBT solution, where music is played before the call is connected.

Key Features:

1. BGM reflects the unique personality of the caller.
2. It provides a pleasurable experience for the person called, adding variety and enjoyment to a simple call.
3. Users have an instant way to express their own individuality.
4. Operators have the flexibility to offer background music to all types of subscribers.
5. BGM is a network-based solution, which is independent of both handset and SIM.

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